QMR offers primary data collection services through its on-site 25-station CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) laboratory and two-suite luxury focus group facility enabling QMR to maintain a high degree of quality control during the data collection process.


The CATI facility completes several thousand interviews and reminder calls per month in addition to focus group recruitment for approximately 20 focus groups per month. QMR also offers mixed mode approaches to ensure high response and cooperation rates.


The QMR research center is staffed by professionals highly recognized in the social research industry for their unsurpassed research techniques, unique training methods, and unrivaled high standards in data collection, and reporting.


The firm also provides the following other core services: 

  • Study and sample design Data collection tool design and development

  • Spanish language translation

  • Project management

  • Tracing services

  • Recruitment (English, Spanish, and Cantonese)

  • Cover letter, reminder letter, and reminder post card development

  • Web-based surveys

  • Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) surveys

  • Medical chart review

  • Coding and data entry

  • Report writing and presentation development

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